Day 3-Mendocino to Menlo Park

We woke up and broke camp without eating breakfast. It was chilly and we were anxious to get on the road. We cruised down to Point Arena where we ate breakfast in a cute cafe before riding out to take a look at the lighthouse. It was pretty sitting way out by itself (it was only 8am but the lighthouse wouldn’t open for tours until 10…story of our mornings!) but I was more taken by the kelp forests visible below us.

We didn’t make too many stops on the way. I wish we’d have stopped at Fort Ross State Park to check it out but I haven’t quite perfected the art of looking around Forrest on the bike to see good places to stop before they’re going by. We did make a stop in Marshall at Hog Island Oysters where I tried one raw. I was unimpressed with their “Sweetwaters” that supposedly are “slightly salty” with a “smokey-sweet flavor”…I got “bitter” from them.

We made a pit stop at Muir Woods National Monument. The parking situation was intense! Good thing we were on the motorcycle (greatly simplifies parking) and had a National Parks Pass (hurray for not having to pay the admission fee!). I’ve never seen so many people stop to look at trees at one time. I’ll admit they were some of the most beautiful woods I’d ever seen–lots of light reaching the forest floor–but there were just SO MANY PEOPLE! I’m glad we checked it out but I was also ready to move on.

The next stop was the Golden Gate viewpoint. It couldn’t have been more perfect–I liked that there was a little fog but not enough to obscure the view of the bridge. After a quick photo op we crossed the bridge and because we had some time to kill before going down to Lucy’s so we drove through Golden Gate Park and a little bit into the Russian Hill neighborhood where we got some killer ice cream at Swenson’s. We decided to check out the Castro and Haight-Ashbury as they’re a bit far from downtown for the one day walking tour we were planning for the next day. Just like Golden Gate Park we were pretty sad that we had all of our stuff on the bike so we couldn’t get off an explore both areas. For all the pluses of the bike not being able to lock it up is a major downside…

After devouring a couple slices of pizza we headed for Lucy’s house in Menlo Park. We got a little turned around and missed the turn onto highway 1 so we took a little detour through Daly City. Our timing in getting to Menlo Park was perfect, we only beat Lucy to her house by about fifteen minutes or so. After a well deserved beer (for all three of us!), she and her roommates had to go to a meeting with their landlord so Forrest and I took advantage of the time to take some much needed showers.

After Lucy got home we headed to the “Oasis” for burgers, beer, and baseball. I was in heaven! Back at Lucy’s house we were all crashing…Forrest and I were pretty happy to have the air mattress and not be in our sleeping bags until it deflated on us midway through the night…but such is life!

Day 3: 207 miles plus a motorcycle tour of the Castro and Haight-Ashbury

Originally posted on the blog: Evergreen Rambles.

Menlo Park, California, United States

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