Day 4-San Francisco, Menlo Park, Palo Alto

On what was supposed to be our relaxing day off we walked the entire city of San Francisco. Okay, so not the ENTIRE city but we did cover a fair amount of ground. Once making our way from the CalTrain station downtown we headed for the Ferry Building (not “Fairy” Forrest!) and poked around some.

On our way to China town we walked by a Universal Studios movie filming…oh the costume truck! Once in China town we walked around looking for somewhere not too touristy to have lunch. We found a nice little restaurant a block up from the main tourist street and were entirely too fascinated by the menu with pictures and 270-some different food choices. After lunch, bellies stuffed, we started exploring some of the butcher shops. And boy did we find some interesting things: poultry (live) in back rooms, snails, sharks heads, turtles (no joke…we saw one being butchered), frogs (live), frogs (skinned), and about a million and one kinds of fish.

Next we found ourselves in North Beach (the San Francisco version of “Little Italy”) and really wanted to get dessert (okay, we really wanted to eat all over again) but I was so stuffed that food sounded awful. (Next time!) Then we walked up Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower (chose not to pay the $8 each to go to the top). I did convince Forrest that I needed to check out the Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf scene–as expected it was a tourist madhouse. The smell from the sea lions? Unexpectedly AWFUL. No trip to Alcatraz this time…next time for sure.

Next we wondered up Russian Hill following the cable car line. We stood at the intersection of two lines for awhile so we could hear the “distinct San Francisco sound”…I wasn’t that impressed. The cable car museum though was awesome! It’s actually in the cable house so you can see the giant wheels spinning so so so fast. It’s crazy!

From there we started to make our way to City Hall but after passing through Gucci-Prada-Armani land we found ourselves in the Tenderloin district and abandoned our quest to head for the train station. Then we continued through some classy classy area (ha ha ha…I think I saw a more than a couple drug deals go down) on our way. This is what I get for deciding to take a different way to “see different stuff” (typical Beth) and was very glad to have Forrest with me.

The train ride back was uneventful as we were both pretty tired (Interesting note…if you sit on the second level of CalTrain there’s seats at each end that face each other but there’s not enough leg room for two tallish people’s legs to NOT interlock. I don’t recommend it unless you like the person you’re sitting with.) We got off the train in Menlo Park and had a pleasant walk back to Lucy’s house poking fun at the Californians.

After our showers and a yummy dinner (thanks Lucy!) we headed to NOLA, a cajun themed bar in Palo Alto. I put in a call to James, a friend from high school, who lives in San Jose and he joined us there. We had a fabulous time–the moron bowl definitely got things off to a good start–it was great to catch up with old friends.

Forrest managed to fix the air mattress so we got a much better nights sleep…which we well deserved after our long day in the city.

Day 4: 0 miles (on the motorcycle)!, 5? 8? 10? miles (walking in San Fran)

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San Francisco, California, United States

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