Adventure on the Way!

Forrest and I (and Sprocket!) are in the midst of planning our next big adventure! The idea is to head for points east on April 15th visiting Moab, Texas, the Deep South, Florida, the Appalachians, and New England before heading west again (hopefully with a job offer!).

I ran all over Corvallis this morning getting a sense for the range of plastic storage container sizes so we can start finalizing plans for the sleeping platform. Now I just need to finish my classes and my defense before I go too far down the rabbit hole!

There will be a blog of this trip, faithfully updated, I promise. I just need to think of a name… Eight legs, four wheels? One Wag at a Time? Sprocket Does the USA? Sprocket’s Red Rocket?

Originally posted on the blog: Evergreen Rambles.

Osburn, Idaho, United States

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