Preliminary Schedule

**I initially called this “Rough schedule” but that seemed to imply that there was something “hard” about this and by no means is that the case.

We put together a rough schedule today of our plans for the trip. Everything is pretty amorphous and there’s some (but not much) wiggle room.

As of now, we’re planning on hitting the open road on April 14th following a walk through with our landlord. We’ll spend that night somewhere in Northeastern Oregon (I’m kind of hoping for a Barley Brown’s visit in Baker City) or Idaho before shooting into Moab the next day.

Rough outline:
Moab: April 15
Carlsbad: April 18
New Orleans (Meg): April 25
Tampa Bay (Frank & Carol): April 28-29
Key West: May 2
Pittsburgh area (Larry and Kim): May 15th
Bates: (probably) May 19th
Grand Isle, Vermont (Lee and Jim): May 20
Shoreham, Vermont (Katie and Colin): May 21

Philomath, Oregon, United States

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