Day 23: Tallassee, Tennessee

We spend cinco de mayo hanging out around the cabin. We had hoped to go kayaking on the lake in the morning but the wind was blowing pretty hard. We settled for a hike through the property. It was fun until we found ourselves turned back by an onslaught of bugs. Sprocket ran along with us gamely even though he had already gone on a long walk with Roxanne, Black Dog, and Girl Dog earlier!

Back at the cabin, Forrest cut down some more trees which meant piling up branches to be burned and moving around the trees that he’d felled into ditches. Wielding a chainsaw on property where he was allowed to build trails was entirely too much for Forrest so “we” built a trail to the top of the hill behind the cabin (I moved sticks and supervised Sprocket). There wasn’t much up there but Forrest’s trail building appetite was temporarily sated so it was a success.

Happy Valley, Tennessee

We hung out with Rick a bit more and then took a drive. We drove up along Chilowee Lake to Happy Valley Road with a brief detour through the tiny town of Tallassee. At the “Top of the World,” we turned south on the Foothills Parkway and headed for Rick’s. We made a brief stop at Alex’s house but found he wasn’t home. Nevertheless Forrest fixed his riding lawnmower for him before going up to Rick’s.

After dinner and another selection from the fun 6-pack we assembled at the store a few days back (see next post), we took the golf cart back over to Alex’s and hung out with him and his son Eric for a while.

Tennessee, United States

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