6-Pack from the South

Sweetwater IPA (Atlanta, Georgia): We were pretty impressed with Sweetwater’s 420 and the IPA did not disappoint!
Highland Brewing Co. Black Mountain Bitter (Asheville, North Carolina): We found this pretty thin and not too amazing for a pale ale.
Cottonwood Brewing Endo IPA (Mooresville, North Carolina): It was pretty unremarkable. Once I looked up their website and found that Cottonwood had been bought out by Carolina Brewing I had to wonder if it had once been good…
Yazoo Brewing Pale Ale (Nashville, Tennessee): Drinkable. Nothing special.
The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery’s Milk Stout (Farmville, North Carolina): Milk stout is a unique drink. I wonder how much my opinion of Left Hand’s milk stout was affected by it being on nitro?
Terrapin Beer’s India Style Brown Ale [apparently now known as Hop Karma IPA] (Athens, Georgia): Honestly, I don’t remember having an opinion on this one.

Osburn, Idaho, United States

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