Day 35: Addison, Pennsylvania to Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pennsylvania

We started out our travel day at about eight bound for the Scranton area. After an easy morning’s cruise along the interstates we made it to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to have lunch with Dan. We had some not-so-good pizza at Monte Carlo and had a chance to catch up a bit. After lunch he showed us around the plant he was preparing for auction. Dan headed back to work and we hit the road heading north. We made some route recalculation and cut through the Pocanos to camp in the Delaware Water Gap National Rec area. Looking to kill some time in the afternoon and research our next few days of travel we hung out at the Gem and Keystone in Shawnee-on-Delaware. Their beer was not so good and it didn’t help that they were out of most of their varieties either.

In the rec area we didn’t have any problem finding a place to camp. It was entirely too bad that it was buggy because we had a nice little spot back in the trees. Driven to the Jeep early by the mosquitoes we read for a bit before realizing that there were tiny little biting bugs too…fortunately it didn’t get too hot so we both got a decent nights sleep.

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

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