Day 38: Lewiston, Maine to Grand Isle, Vermont

Snow Falls (Near West Paris, Maine)
Mt. Washington

 F and I were awake and on the road by seven. This gave us plenty of time to play our way over to Vermont. I think it was my easiest navigation day because the road from Bates to Bethel (near Sunday River Ski Area) is well ingrained in my memory! It felt so good to be driving through New England again. We both had a good time driving through the pretty countryside punctuated with “towns” founded in the 1700s. We decided to take Vermont 15 to Burlington instead of taking the Interstate. I think it was a great choice, it was really pretty and I got to taste some wine at Boyden Valley Winery. Their reds and whites were pretty good, the cranberry wine was refreshing (Forrest liked it too!), while we were less than impressed with the dessert and ice wines.

We headed over to South Hero Island on Lake Champlain and made a brief stop at C.i.D.E.R. to say hello to Lee, Forrest’s elementary school teacher, before going to their house. At the house, we relaxed and let Sprocket get to know their dogs Gracie and Ava. Jim and I took Ava and Sprocket up to Knight Point State Park on the lake to let them run around and swim a bit. Sprocket, as always, loved it! He got to get wet then chase his new friend through the woods!

Lee was home when we got back and we all loaded up and went to Shore Acres for dinner. The food was quite gourmet and very yummy but the view was incredible! We had a great time catching up and talking about all sorts of things. Back at the house we all had some computer time (I almost caught up for all you blog readers out there) before heading to bed.

Grand Isle, Vermont, United States

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