Day 39: Grand Isle, Vermont to Shoreham, Vermont

We spent a leisurely morning eating blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and talking with Lee and Jim. After breakfast, Jim, Forrest, and I took the dogs down to a beach and let them run and swim. Jim was quite impressed with Sprocket’s swimming abilities. Back at the house, Forrest and Jim took a ride in his 1930 Model A–Forrest was grinning like a little kid. We made lunch and headed for Burlington.

In Burlington we stopped to sample beer at Magic Hat Brewing Co. We went into the brewery and noticed there were several dogs at the tasting bar so I ran back out to retrieve Mr. Wiggles. He was quite happy to be included in the outing even if his people weren’t horribly impressed with the brew. Hitting the highway again, we made our way to Vergennes where we took a look at the falls before continuing to Shoreham.

It was so wonderful to finally see Katie and Colin’s little cottage. We relaxed on lawn chairs in the fields before devouring some yummy hamburgers. Katie even had some Middlebury brewed Wolaver’s Brown Ale to drink. After dinner, the four of us hung out in the house catching up with Sprocket at our feet.

Burlington, Vermont, United States

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