Day 40: Shoreham, Vermont

Our morning began with some pretty darn good French toast in the Davis-Flagg household. Post-coffee and breakfast, Katie, F, Sprocket, and I headed for the Middlebury farmers market. It was good to see Middlebury again, I have such great memories of visiting Katie there (and am excited to have started making some with her in Shoreham!). The market was really nice and Sprocket loved seeing little kids who were happy to pet him.

Our next stop was Otter Creek Brewing Company where Forrest and I partook in some beer tasting. The brewer overheard us talking to the bartender and stepped in to pour us our tasters so he could more fully answer our questions. He also opened a couple bottles of their Imperial Series so we could taste them. Once we heard that we might find some of the Imperial Double IPA at the Co-op, we quickly hatched a plan to get some pizza stuff and beer for dinner.


Back at the house, Katie and I rambled the property a bit while Forrest helped Colin’s friend Andy with the T.F.S. (“Towable Field Shelter”). We hung out a bit more and then walked a nice gravel road loop with Sprocket. He loved all the smells everywhere and couldn’t keep himself out of any puddles of water he found. The pizza Katie whipped up (prosciutto, ricotta, and caramelized onions) and she and I enjoyed our bottle of Poet’s Leap riesling from Washington while Forrest tested a Rock Art Extreme IPA. Our evening ended much as it had the night before

Weybridge, Vermont, United States

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