Day 41: Shoreham, Vermont to Oneanta, New York

Waking up to the beautiful morning we’d been hoping for, Kate, Sprocket, F, and I headed for Addison to hike Snake Mountain. It felt wonderful to be up and moving around and we all really enjoyed the hike to the top. The view was incredible–the whole Champlain Valley was laid out in front of us with the lake and the Adirondacks beyond. After the hike, we went back to the house for some lunch. It was decided that pie at the “Halfway House” was in order. It was a great finish to our visit.

F and I thought about taking the ferry to New York and driving to the interstate along the shores of Lake George but balked at the $9 fare and decided to take the land route. Along the way we past an asphaut race track; Forrest was slightly dismayed to discover that the racing had started much earlier in the afternoon. Hitting the interstate, we cruised through Albany and made it to Oneanta for dinner. We ate at Brooks BBQ House–the food was cheap and yummy so we were quite satisfied. We drove through downtown Oneonta, which was adorable, but we were in a bit of a hurry to find a place to stay because it was getting dark so we didn’t get to stop. We bedded down for the night just up highway 205 from the little downtown.

Oneonta, New York, United States

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