Stocking up for winter

Forrest might have gone a bit overboard on the whole getting wood thing this year. We’re guessing he’s hauled home nearly twelve, yes, TWELVE, cords of wood. (In case you’re not familiar with the volume measurement for wood a cord is a pile of split and stacked wood 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet or 128 cubic feet.) Let me explain how overboard this is:

Just SOME of our wood

When we did all of the remodel work on our house we were determined to make this little place as efficient as possible. The house was built sometime in the early to mid 60’s (no one in town can seem to place when so I’m going to have to do some digging in tax records at the courthouse) and had absolutely no insulation in the exterior walls. Armed with lots of bundles of good old R-13 and some spray foam (and some monetary motivation from Uncle Sam and Avista Utilities) we insulated the piss out of the old place. Then, on top of that, we replaced the old single pane wood frame windows (actually, there were three picture windows in the house that didn’t have frames at all) with new fancy schmancy windows (thanks again Uncle Sam and Avista!).

Then we proceeded to put in an enormous wood stove.* In order to do so, we eliminated an exterior door (but not before we drug a piano through it with a Jeep). Not to offend the musically inclined out there in the blogosphere, but a piano makes an awesome bonfire (I promise, we tried to give it away first).

Anyway, back to our awesome wood stove. It heats our house like nobody’s business. Zero degrees outside? No problem, a few sticks of wood and BOOM it’s 80 degrees in here!

By our estimates based on moving in to the house in January we need approximately four cords of wood to heat our house each winter. Maybe five if it’s particularly cold. We have more than double what we need. Which is nice really. I never worry about throwing an extra log or two on the fire.

We just keep plugging away at the splitting and stacking. F mans the log splitter, for us it’s the hydraulic gas powered splitter all the way. I play games to try and keep him well supplied with rounds to split AND to stack as fast as he can split. I’ll try and post pictures and a final calculation of just how much we have when we finish all the work.

Sprocket just wishes we'd go play

*At least it seems enormous when it comes to heating our 930 square foot house.

4 Replies to “Stocking up for winter”

  1. Sprocket looks really suspicious of that log splitter! Way to go on the wood collecting. My parents have wood heat and I love it, it’s so cozy and there’s nothing better than standing in front of a fire when your cold.

    1. Sprocket doesn’t mind the splitter that much. Usually he parks his little dog butt on a round and watches us work. He’d just rather go PLAY.

    1. Um yeah, the wood? A bit nuts but we’re all set for a couple years.

      Seeing your posts about Lila I was thinking the same thing. Wonderful lucky dogs make us such lucky lucky people.

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