Memorial Day

It’s northern Idaho. This means that Memorial Day does not necessarily equate to warm temperatures and BBQs. (I suppose my obsession with melting snow, visiting Lookout Pass Snotel every hour, may qualify as the beginning of summer but I’m not sure.) In any case, we celebrated the holiday weekend by heading out into the snow.

Our neighbors dad owns a sweet log cabin in the upper Clearwater basin. It’s actually almost the same size as our cabin but felt a lot bigger, I’m guessing that it has a lot to do with the massive logs and full upper loft. He has a nice solar set up (supplemented by a generator) and a well, quite deluxe!

In order to get to the cabin however, we had to go over a 6,000 ft mountain pass more often traveled this time of year by snowmobiles than vehicles. The group we were traveling with jeeps into the cabin every year on Memorial Day weekend. They all have Jeeps appropriate for the task of tackling about 35 miles of deep, slushy late winter snow. We took a stock Cherokee.

We actually managed quite well, much better than I was expecting. F is pretty much an awesome driver.

Sunday was spent cruising around the area, eating fantastic elk sausages, shooting guns of all kinds, standing around campfires and relaxing. Monday it was time to head back out over the pass and back to the real world. Sprocket deemed it a good weekend (kids, another lab, and snow? this dog was in heaven):

It was wonderful to be back up in the mountains for a whole weekend. It made me very anxious to get up to our cabin. It’s time to start making it our own cozy little mountain retreat!

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