Nerdy Snowmelt Goodness

I’m pretty much a nerd.

A chemist by education (and now trade!), I’m a well rounded nerd. My nerdiness is not constrained by any given field. There’s a structural geology textbook on my desk (which I really want to get back to reading), someday I’ll have amassed a seriously awesome local history library, and I do thinks like make spreadsheets of our cabin expenses (we bought the place in partnership with Forrest’s brother and need to keep track of who spent what). It goes way deeper than that and I’m sure those who know me could continue to make lists of how absurdly nerdy I am (baseball stats!, geography!, NPR!) but you get the idea.

This morning, geeking out met melt-damn-snow-melt. And this is what I found:

I love the National Weather Service. Melt rate in inches per hour? Sweeetttt!

(Less sweet: snow water equivalent at Lookout is 329% of normal for June 2nd. Melt snow, melt!)



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