Home Buying: Part II

I’m going to continue our adventures in home buying/renovation today with our bathroom (I admit I choose this in large part because it’s basically done). Its absolutely ridiculous to remember this happening.

When we bought the house it took a lot of imagination to picture actually living here. It also took a bit of ingenuity to figure out how to make our 900 sq. foot house nice and livable (like not having the washer and dryer in the kitchen). A few floor plans later we ended up gaining a closet, merging the bathrooms, and creating a more private master bedroom entrance.

About two years before we bought the house, it was broken into (the varying stories around town about what happened are pretty funny, some include dynamite…not true) and the bathrooms bore the brunt of the damage.

I have been asked if Shrek used our toilet...

Since we’d decided that two bathrooms might be a bit much, F hates tiny bathrooms, and our washer and dryer needed a home the two bathrooms became one. It didn’t take F and I very long to strip the bathrooms of their remaining fixtures and start knocking down the dividing wall.


F’s master plan for the bathrooms had involved reusing the basic plumbing framework that was already in place. Once we pulled up the flooring and found some rot (who lets stuff leak that long?) and the plumbing monster the project started getting a little bigger. (It got even bigger when Ezra got here and decided the sewer lines should also be fixed.) Suddenly there was a hole in the bathroom floor. Like looking a dirt type of hole where the zero degree air can come right on in…and you have no real heat (electric space heaters do not count).

When you think of a house, you think of something solid and permanent. This is about when I started to see my house as a collection of specially stacked sticks that didn’t seem all that solid. This feeling pretty much continued until we hung the last piece of sheetrock a couple months later. It’s turning into quite the cozy home now.

Anyway, down came the wall and in went the new plumbing. Sprocket tried to help a couple of times. The sewer lines were re-plumbed. Eventually we were able to seal the hole up and get to work building a bathroom.

The door that entered the spare bedroom was deleted and replaced with an entry from the living room via the new cubby of doors (does a nine square foot space count as a hall?). Ezra framed in the shower stall, set the tub, and laid tile. F and I hung sheet rock. I painted. Ezra tiled the floor. The toilet, the vanity, and the washer and dryer were set in place.

Towards master bedroom
Main door
Shower (with extra tall shower head!)

Where there once was a Shrek bathroom, there is now prettiness.

Sprocket is a helper.


6 Replies to “Home Buying: Part II”

  1. Holy cow. Projects are a bear. As we get ready to move, we’ve been thinking of all of the blood, sweat and tears we have gone through in this house and steady ourselves for what is to come. Bravo to you guys.

    1. Yeah, this turned into a whole house at once project (because who wouldn’t gut a house they need to move into in 3 weeks in the middle of an Idaho winter?)…woops. But it’s starting to get to a wonderful place.
      Moving? I take it that means the house buying is progressing?

    1. I LOVE it. Our house is only 930 sq ft so having a dedicated laundry room was stupid and the bathroom is a million times better than the kitchen.

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