Home Buying: Part III

Continuing our series about renovating our little house. Check out Part I for and Part II other exciting projects.

Today we’re going to talk about heat. We bought our house December 23rd and had taken a chance and gave notice at our rental about a week before…move in date…January 13. On top of making sure we would have a shower and toilet we needed to figure out how to heat the place.

Our house hadn’t been occupied full time for about ten years. Somewhere along the line the vent pipe for the furnace leaked and water got into the heat exchanger. The previous owner seemed happy enough to just heat with space heaters when he and his family came up to Mullan for the weekend (although I doubt they were here in the winter much after that happened). The electric space heaters they left behind barely took the edge off the cold.

Ezra convinced me that we shouldn’t use the same tile we’d bought for the bathroom floor—although it didn’t take long to convince me to do something more decorative it did take me nearly an hour sorting through boxes of slate at Home Depot to pick out enough color coordinating pieces for a hearth.

Future site of woodstove

We eliminated the door (and the piano). Ezra and F framed in the hearth, Hardibacker was laid for heat protection and the tile. Since we lacked running water we befriended our neighbor who allowed us to take buckets of warm water back to the house so Ezra could grout the tile with out getting TOO cold.

The tile turned out absolutely beautifully! Lots of colors, lots of character. A perfect centerpiece to our living room. The stove, well, it might be a touch large. It doesn’t take more than a couple pieces of wood for the house to get over 80.° Shorts and a tank top are completely acceptable indoor winter attire at our house.

Finished product

Working became much, much more pleasant once we were able to stay warm!

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