Home Buying: Part IV

Sometimes when you’re tearing a whole house apart it’s the little things.

See the chimney in the middle? It’s painted beige just like the walls so you might miss it. Sticking out past the cabinet there? We’d pretty much decided taking it out was a lot of work considering that we had a whole bunch of other more pressing needs (heat and toilet basically) so it was moved to the back burner.

I came home from work one day and it was gone! Thomas, our friend who was doing some wiring work (that’s another post) had gotten tired of crawling around it in the attic…so out it came. I was so freaking delighted.

Good thing Garrett, Ezra’s son, was around to help me take out the base. He’d wait until I stopped attacking with the sledgehammer and then politely inform me that my turn was over.

Annnnddd the refrigerator had a home.

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