Sunshine and Cabin!

I took a half day off of work today (after working all day on Sunday this week has seemed LONG…) and we decided to head up to the cabin. I’d tried to get up there on Monday after work via the main road and just as I was getting excited about the massive snow melt…I found a major washout in the road. The kind that I’m not really sure we’re going to fix anytime soon, if ever. The good news is that we can still access the property from “the backside,” which just so happens to be in our town. It requires us to cross a high ridge that hasn’t melted out yet but should be in the next couple of days.

Sprocket enjoys the mud at the washout

The road was mostly snow free and I would guess we’ll be able to drive up there within a week or two. It was an absolutely beautiful day to be out and about.

The Family at the cabin, start of summer 2011

4 Replies to “Sunshine and Cabin!”

    1. I love it to. Totally inspired by Ashley over on APW. So often on our outings there are only pictures of one of us…whoever DIDN’T carry the camera that day.

      Cracks me up though because it makes the cabin look so big. I swear it’s not.

    1. They absolutely are. The long uphill slog is TOTALLY worth the view. Although I might have to take on some trail building this fall and clear a steeper but more direct footpath up from the gate…

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