Biking to work

I’ve been trying to ride my bike to work a few times a week. It’s just shy of ten miles from my house. After I begged Forrest to find me a bike and he complied, I was a bit nervous about actually doing it.

When we lived in Oregon I used to ride my bike the 6 miles to campus from our house pretty frequently. It was a nice ride over very small rolling hills so I got a bit of a workout in either direction. This ride? This is a very pleasant downhill ride to work and a nice uphill workout on the way home (650 feet gain in 10 miles isn’t even big enough for MapMyRun to consider it a climb).

Riding to work means that I actually have to get up when my alarm goes off— something I’m not very good at. It means that when I get to work I’m awake and ready to get to work. When I’m through with work I’d really rather just get home right away but the ride home is pretty nice, it’s hard to complain much as I ride up along the river.

Sometime this summer I’m going to have to do it every day…just so I can say I rode 100 miles in a week. 🙂

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