Always Be Prepared = Carry Chainsaw?

The moral of this really long post is carry a chainsaw. Or at least a tow strap. That being said, I invite you to read my long ramble about my adventure yesterday.

On my way home from work today I grabbed a huckleberry milkshake and took a detour to check on our washout—and to see if perhaps someone with some major earth-moving equipment had been there. No so lucky.

That was the road...

Combined with F’s report that there were still some significant drifts covering our other route to the cabin I was feeling kind of down.

So I decided to try and find another way.

You see, between logging and mining the mountains here are absolutely full of roads, or what were roads (and are now only passable by quads). Often, you can’t find a way to get your vehicle to the road that passes directly above the one you’re on. This can be maddening.

Anyhow, armed with nothing but my stock Cherokee (no maps, no cell phone, no tow straps, no chainsaw) I decided to try various roads as I drove back down the canyon. The first road I tried didn’t go more than a half mile or so (but I did find an old collapsed mining structure). To get to the second I crossed Canyon Creek at the Gem Assay lab and headed up the hill. The road looked pretty major (no grass growing in the middle, wide sweeping switchback corners) so I kept heading up the mountain. As the road started to trend to the northeast I started to get a little excited—was this the road we had been scoping out on the maps as another option to get to the cabin?

Spotting the major power transmission lines I started to get really excited because they cross the ridge just to the south east of the property. And then I ran into snow. As I turned the jeep around, I noticed there was a road right below me. The turn off for the lower road was just a stones throw back where I had come from. It really didn’t look like much but it crossed under the powerlines and kept trending north east. I crossed another creek and started to giggle. I’d made it! I was crossing the lower portion of 4th of July (one of the mining claims that make up our property).

And then I remembered the tree. Just above our gate a tree had fallen across the road. I rummaged around the jeep hoping that there was a tow strap or chain or something I could use to try and pull it out of the way…I’d made it that far and I wanted to see if we could drive up the last bit to the cabin yet. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out anyway to move the tree.

I couldn't make it up to check on the melt of Sprocket's bed. 🙁

We’re returning today. Armed with a chainsaw. 🙂

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