Hello From Connecticut!

Connecticut. The name just looks kinda funny. Especially once I had to look at it a few times to make sure I spelled it right. Anyway…

I’ve had quite a relaxing time on my vacation thus far. I spent the 4th of July being silly and ridiculous with Lucy, Franz, Brendan, and Evan in Providence (there might have been some fake tattoo application…in the takeout waiting area of the Chinese restaurant). Last night I enjoyed some yummy beers, Sea Hag IPA (New England Brewing Company, Woodbridge, CT) and Blue Point Pale (Blue Point Brewing Company, Patchogue, NY), while we hung out with one of Lucy’s childhood friends.

4th of July Fireworks in Providence, RI

Life back in Idaho had been super busy leading up to this trip and I hadn’t really stopped to consider what it would actually be like. I’ve kind of been taken off guard. On one hand, everything has been fabulous. From the moment I stepped off the plane and got in to Franz’s car, you’d never know that, aside from five or six days I’d spent with Lucy in California (Castle Crags and in Menlo Park) and one lunch with Brendan in Boston, I hadn’t seen these guys since we graduated. Catching up has been fantastic but even more fantastic has been hanging out with people that I have a long history with. We come from a shared history at Bates—aside from my family and The Sisterhood (who I shall also see on this trip, that explanation shall be forthcoming!) they’ve been a part of my life for longer than anyone (sorry Forrest). They know, and I think pretty much accept, my oddities. I certainly do appreciate theirs—especially my dear Lucy’s (you DO NOT offend my sensibilities dear).

On the other hand, my life feels a million miles away. When it comes to discussing life matters we’re largely on the same page but not quite. I’m trying to walk the fine line between explaining my life at home and constantly blathering about it because I’m proud of what F and I have accomplished and I’m freaking excited about our plans for the future. But see, these people? They know me. I spent most of college saying stuff like, “In Washington we…” They love me anyways.

Ummm, yeah. We’re only pretend grownups sometimes.

I’m going to enjoy one last evening here in Connecticut with Lucy and Franz. Lucy and I picked out some cheese at the local cheese shop (seriously, a CHEESE shop) and we’re going to pick out a bottle or two of good wine and chill tonight. Sounds like the perfect trip back to civilization, don’t you think?*

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