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Remember that adorable picture of my little family? About ten minutes after that picture was taken, F and I decided to get married.

We’d been talking about getting married for a long time (over a year long time). The last six months, our together life building has accelerated in our little Idaho town. Our vision for this life is constantly becoming more cohesive as we discuss our views for the future including money, children, priorities, adventure, and dreams. This life is the one that we want together, one formed as a combination of our overlapping (and contrasting) individual hopes and dreams.

Where elevation exceeds population (Mt. Thielson, OR. October 2009)

As F put it a at the start of our engagement conversation, “It’s about time we got married isn’t it?” But it’s really more than that, I’m so happy to be taking this big step with the person I most love spending time with. It is a lovely, warm, secure feeling that I’ve been luxuriating in almost constantly since our mutual answer to the “it’s about time” question was “Yes. Absolutely yes.”*

And to know that this life we’ve been building, that it’s the real whole deal? That I get to spend the rest of my life with my co-builder? There are no words.

Living our good life (Mt. Thielson, OR. October 2009)

*My answer was “Absolutely yes” but the conversation continued for awhile. I had to check at the end to be sure, “So we’re doing this?” “YES.”

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  1. Beth…I don’t know you but I knew Forest years ago and a mutual friend “Lee” gave me this link. Please accept my congratulations and let Forest know I remember him well and am truly happy for him.

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