I feel old. But not grown up.

I read this yesterday and thought totally, This Is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult. And then I worked all day, went home and cleaned a little, hung some siding with Forrest, went to the fire department work party, and then yes, Forrest and worked I worked on siding until 11pm. Yes, we rigged up the halogen lamp from the quad, ran the chop saw by the porch light, and I picked out the boards in the dark.  All to get ready for an appraisal today at 10am. (The house only needs to appraise for $45,000 which it should just fine but we wanted some more siding to be done to cover the door delete and window frame ins to be sure).

This was all quite grown up. It was kind of exciting and exhilarating. And really fun to laugh when our friends drove by at ten to see the while I tried to hold a flashlight and keep the board pressed in so Forrest could check that it was level and nail it on.

But I get cranky and tired in the mornings if I don’t get my full eight hours of sleep. (And I think it might have made me pick a fight with F this morning. Shit.) I also haven’t really figured out how to deal with the crabby tiredness. (My wise fiancé told me I had to because: “The worst of times will always be tiresome times.”) This inability to deal with the simple tired seems like it blows all of my scurrying around do-ing stuff out of the water but maybe that negativity is just because I’m tired. I’m more adult than not and at 25 that’s pretty good.


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