1st Annual Over The Top Picnic

Friday was the 1st Annual Over The Top Picnic. We invited all of our friends in town up to the cabin for a BBQ and bonfire (next year we’ll probably move it to Saturday and step it up with some contests).


Our turn out was small but we had a great time. It was fun to show off the cabin (and our view!) and hang out with our neighbors.

3 Replies to “1st Annual Over The Top Picnic”

  1. I want to come next year! You are so nice inviting all your neighbors. Someone drove around our neighborhood night before last spray painting vehicles – doesn’t exactly make me want to be friendly or invite everyone to our pretend cabin (we are sadly lacking in the cabin areana).

    1. YES. You should absolutely come. Annually on the 4th weekend of July (July 28, 2012).
      And the spray painter…ew. Could we bet that maybe they don’t live in your neighborhood? (I assume you’re talking about your house neighborhood…)

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