Windows! I have windows in my cabin!

Forrest and Hunter (our neighbor) went up to the cabin yesterday afternoon and started working on framing and sheeting the walls…and putting in windows!

Sadly, I do not have any pictures but Hunter showed me a cell phone picture of the view and it is awesome, awesome, awesome. I’m so excited that they were able to make some progress up there!

Blaze, F’s brother and our cabin partner, will finally be here on Sunday and see his cabin for the first time on Monday so I’m sure we’ll get a bunch more done. (I think I’m going to work directly from the cabin on Tuesday, hopefully no one minds the smell of campfire.)

In other exciting news, F and I are finally taking a trip! It’s a bit of a practical/necessary trip as we purchased a smaller woodstove for our house in Klamath Falls, Oregon and need to go pick it up. So since we’re going that way we’re going to make an adventure out of it. (Forrest, Beth, and Sprocket back in the good old red Cherokee!!)

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    1. I know right?! Last summer we were out and about almost every weekend and this year we haven’t been outside the Silver Valley together at ALL (aside from trips to Home Depot).

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