We’re kind of a traveling bunch.

This is states been to in the purest sense. We’ve been to them because we drove through them. (I DON’T count airport stop overs. And if you want my real opinion, I haven’t been to South Carolina, New Jersey, Delaware*, and Ohio because I didn’t do anything notable in them.)

F (49):

Me (37):

Sprocket (31):

*Does anyone know something more exciting to do in Delaware than spend the night in a motel? Maybe I should just count it visited…

7 Replies to “Travelers”

  1. Wow, this is embarrassing; your dog has been to more states than me. : ) Good job Sprocket. I think I’ve only been to 13, if you don’t count lay overs. You’re such a hardass. Also thanks for the virtual hug – I really appreciate it.

  2. He’s going to come closer to catching ME this weekend (California and possibly Nevada…); no wonder the goofball is as at home in the jeep as he is at home…

  3. Well, my Facebook stalking (I’ll admit it, I was hoping for engagement-y time pictures!) paid off. So much fun to look at your pictures from home. Makes me very excited for my eventual visit to the cabin and little Mullan!

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