Road Trip Reason/More than you ever wanted to know about woodstoves

Although just taking a trip is totally worth it, we actually had a reason for taking this one.

A 1970’s (I think F said it was a ’79 Forrest has informed me it’s a ’78.) Fisher Baby Bear woodstove.

Our stove, waiting to be rescued from a garage in Klamath Falls

While this doesn’t mean much to pretty much everyone, there exists a rabid underground Fisher stove following. They were made in Oregon but were knocked off left and right. Our current stove is a knock off of the “Grandpa Bear” model:

Our knockoff stove--note no pretty trees on the doors

And in our 930 square foot house this stove (easily) keeps the place at about 100 degrees (literally). While this sounds pleasant, it’s actually a bit too much. Considering that we’re not really lacking in the wood department and would like to have a bit more control over the temperature in the house we started looking for a Baby Bear.

F found this one via Craigslist in Klamath Falls, OR (which is almost California for those of you who are unfamiliar with it) for $50 when usually they sell for closer to $300! We PayPal’d the money and said we’d be over as soon as we could figure out a time.

Anyway, this part of the trip was totally successful. The stove’s in pretty good shape with minimal surface rust (which I’m sure F will take care of in no time) AND it came with the adorable feet Fishers were known for (that are worth at least $50 on their own):

Bear feet!

Anyway, the big stove will temporarily be retired to the shed until we build a shop where it can kick out as much heat as it would like.

More on the actual fun parts of our trip soon AND another post with cabin progress (which also happens to contain a Momma Bear knockoff).

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