I’m spending the weekend wrapped up in my little family. My dad died yesterday morning after a tumultuous couple of years and my feelings are a little all over the board (relief, sadness, exhaustion, anger, you name it). We’re spending the weekend finishing the siding on the house (which should be done tonight) and perhaps heading up to the cabin on Saturday night to spend Sunday up there in the quiet.

Here’s to huckleberries, home, hugs, and happiness.

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    1. Thanks Andee, I really appreciate your words and offer of help. I’m mostly doing okay but this whole sorting out my feelings has been sort of complicated; I’m sort of thinking it always will be, and that might be okay.

  1. I just followed a link from a comment you made on APW today – my dad died a little over 4 years ago, and I just wanted to send you a virtual hug… it’s a tough, tough thing to go through and can feel very lonely at times, even with the best support system. It’s okay to have very complicated feelings on the whole issue (in a weird way, I was also relieved, despite the sadness). My feelings about his passing are still complicated and I think they always will be.

    Also… I’m not a huge Gray’s Anatomy fan, but this is one of the truest things I’ve seen or heard (short as it is), in my experience, and somehow, it made me feel more understood:

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