Home Buying: Part V

This is the last of my home-buying posts. There’s not much left in the way of home projects from the initial purchase flurry of projects; there’s a little trim left to be done but that will all probably wait for winter. Everything else that we’d like to do is just that, something we’d like to do but not necessarily something we need to do.


That’s almost all I need to say. We finally finished putting the siding up on the house. It still needs to be stained (it’s not going to change in appearance much, we’re using a transparent stain just to seal it) but it’s on the house. We can email photos to the insurance company so they can quit harassing us. And it just looks AMAZING.

Actually doing the siding wasn’t that difficult (ha! F made all the tricky measurements and cuts) but it just took us quite awhile because we mostly put it up after work in the evenings. It just feels so good to have it all done

Before, November 2010:

House, November 2010
House when we bought it

Mid-renovation, January 2011-July 2011:

The house looking strikingly ugly as we start the siding

Completion!, August 2011:


We were both very happy to be putting the finishing touches on:

Last piece

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