I tried to make cheesecake last week. My America’s Test Kitchen cookbook said it was “good for beginners” but somewhere along the lines it didn’t turn out quite right…it’s fluffy or something…isn’t cheesecake supposed to be dense and decadent?

Any ideas what I did wrong? Mix the eggs too long? Didn’t bake long enough? Baked too long (although I doubt it…the middle’s still kind of gooey)?

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  1. If you want to ship some of that deliciousness my way I could give you a completely unprofessional opinion. My internet opinion is that it looks fantastic!

  2. I would guess that you mixed the eggs too long. Cheesecake is finicky that way. Were your eggs at room temp? If they get frothy at all you’ll get fluffy cheesecake instead of dense. It still looks like it was delicious though!

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