Ezra, Steve and Garrett have been at our house all week so my evenings have been sort of busy. That and I haven’t been feeling motivated for much of anything, other than reading blogs, not so much motivation for the writing of mine…

I’m really just looking forward to the weekend. Forrest and I are going to Silverwood on Saturday with the tickets we bought at Oktoberfest in Wallace. It will be really nice to spend a day doing something silly with him (we’re totally not the amusement park going sort).

It’s that summer’s starting to come to an end really, F got an email about leaving for North Dakota the other day (he’s leaving in three weeks and will be gone a month) and it made me realize that we still have a bunch of work to do. The new woodstove needs to be installed (I’m sure Sprocket and I will need heat before the end of October), the siding and roofing at the cabin need to be finished, it’d be nice if the cabin woodstove was done too.

If the stove at the cabin isn’t finished though, that’ll really be fine, in fact, if everything at the cabin’s not done it’ll be fine (as long as we don’t get snow that stays until sometime in November); the woodstove in the house is nonnegotiable though… I don’t think I’m going to spend much time up there (except for maybe a couple evenings). Last year when he was gone Sprocket and I did some exploring and really enjoyed ourselves–I like going places and I really don’t like going to be alone at home (except when I’m indulging in some Teen Mom and other assorted bad TV/movies).

Here’s to what I hope to be another few weeks of summer before the chill really starts to set in.

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  1. Hooray for bad TV. Collin and I had some of our most productive converstaions about children while watching Teen Mom. Basically the conversation went like this, “yikes, let’s not do that to our kids someday”.

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