This little boy.

I’m kind of on the fence about children. But this kid. Ohhh man. My nephew Andrew is awesome.

Mineral Peak Road, September 2010

He’s just a blast to have around AND he’s going to be here this weekend.

The visit will start just like this: “AUNTYYYY!” and I’ll get a big hug and a kiss. Then he’ll turn his attention to Sprocket and play with him for a minute. About thirty seconds after that he’s going to turn to me and ask, “Where’s F?”

Andrew wasn’t even two when F and I met and started dating. I’d been away at college for most of those two years so as far as Drew can remember, I come as sort of a package deal with F. I’ve known this for a long time and it’s always made me really happy to know with out a doubt that we are seen as a team, even if it’s just a little kid.

December 2008

I’m sad that F isn’t going to be here to give him rides on the “Honda motorcycle” because I love watching him giggle down to his toes as F does mini-wheelies with him (seriously, this kid learned to say “Honda,” “Gas Gas,” and “Montessa” in his trip to our house last summer…4 year old saying “Mon-tesss-a?” is killer, believe me). Aunty will have to do her best with the Honda quad, I don’t think he’ll mind riding 3 Up with Sprocket and I though.

Anyway, here’s to a weekend with one of my most favorite boys. I need it, especially because my most favorite boy is going to be in North Dakota for at least another six weeks… (Seriously, how do people get used to living apart from their significant other? Especially after you’ve lived together? I dunno, because I definitely don’t get used to it.)

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