Three Years

Three years ago exactly (down to the minute), I went on a date.

Summer 2008: I graduated from Bates and moved to Corvallis, Oregon to start my graduate program in Chemical Oceanography just a week after returning to the west coast. I had moved in with my cousin’s girlfriend (now wife!) but about three weeks after I’d moved in she suffered a broken arm in a bike-car altercation and decided to drop her summer school classes and go back to Washington. This left me in a new town with essentially no friends (we had another roommate but she and I never wound up being that close). I was excited to start graduate school but still, I was lonely.

A very dear friend of mine had found a very lovely boy through the personals ads in a local weekly. I thought about going the or eHarmony route but I just didn’t really have the money in the budget for membership fees. So I wrote an ad and posted it on Craigslist.

I moved to here from Maine in June after getting my bachelors degree at Bates College and I’ll be starting a masters program here at OSU in September. I loved living out east for a few years and trying lots of new things but I’m really happy to be back in the Northwest (I’m originally from Washington).

I’m a serious student who really does love to learn, when it came time to decide what I was doing after Bates I couldn’t imagine not going to more school. I spend a good deal of my free time reading; I’ll read good new fiction, classics, books about science, history, almost anything really.

That being said, however, I love to have a good time. For me, “having a good time” can mean any number of things. I make it a priority to spend lots of time outside–I love camping, hiking (both day hiking and backpacking), skiing (downhill) and everything about salt water. Baseball’s my favorite (I was a softball player in college) but I love watching most sports–I was “one of the guys” for our weekly Pats (gasp! I know. I was in New England) watching sessions all four years at Bates.

I also like trying new things. I’m almost always up to try something new–a restaurant, a recipe, a drive, a sport, a new microbrew, anything really. I’m always on the lookout for “adventures,” which is really just my way of saying I want to do something fun that might generate a fun story or experience.

I’m 5’10” and athletically built so ideally I’d like a taller, athletic guy. If you like to try new things and try to find adventure in the everyday, let’s meet up over coffee or beers.

P.S. No smokers please.

After a series of disappointing dates and one guy who I tried to convince myself I should give a shot but I just couldn’t (He was nice I just wasn’t attracted to him). While I was out on a research cruise gotten an email from a guy who swore (and still swears) that they were browsing the personals looking for someone for a friend. He seemed nice but I went home for a week and basically forgot about him and given up on the whole thing.

I returned to Corvallis with a Ford Focus hatchback full of Ikea stuff to assemble and after my first day of grad school orientation finished up I dove right in to assembling it. A few minutes into putting my table/desk together I got an email and after a few emails we set up at date for 4:15. I was actually sort of miffed that I had to finish up with the desk and had to actually change out of my old high school gym shorts.

F, when asked about our first date, will always tell you that I was late. But really I was just waiting outside. Anyway, he was reading Desert Solitaire and he was cute.

We had coffee, he got lost trying to find my house (I rode my bike home he was trying to find it via motorcycle), I got on his motorcycle (things NOT to do!) and we went put-put golfing (Guinnesses in hand), returned to my house had pizza, watched a movie, watched George Carlin YouTube videos, drank some more beer and talked for hours.

Next year, we’ll be getting married (in all likelihood on this weekend…which is more of a weather choice than a sentimental one but I do pretty much like it) but for now, happy getting coffee day F.

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    1. He told me that he and his friends were laughing at people on Craigslist but he decided to email me because I sounded cool. And he asked where my picture was taken. Thus I forgot about him for a week…
      He got me on his follow up email after I’d returned to town: he’d just returned from one of my favorite places to visit, I decided he couldn’t be all bad. And then I decided it was safe to ride on a strangers motorcycle. And invite him back to my house. And drink beer with him. I so should have been a cautionary tale.

  1. Aw, this was so nice to read today! Congratulations on your three years. Also, I think it would be thrilling if you get married on this same weekend. Way to pick a great time of year to find one another 🙂

  2. oooh, i love hearing stories about how people met. i think being that comfortable with someone right from the start like that is a sign of a good future! congrats on your anniversary! i got married on the anniversary weekend of our first date – mostly for logistical purposes and convenience – but it was a special aspect of the day for my husband and I.

  3. I’ll take the credit for finding your ad. We were actually looking for another friend, it just so happened that most of the ads were rather… humorous. When I read your ad, I called Forrest’s attention to it, but didn’t think he’d actually follow-up. Rather glad he did since we happen to adore you. I still remember him describing your first date, and being surprised at how smitten he was already.

    1. I remember him telling me how surprised you were at his wonderful first date. I must have been pretty smitten too considering how normal hanging out in a U-Haul conversion RV was…

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