Andrew in Idaho

My visit with my nephew, mom, and godmother was quite nice. I spent most of my time doing the things that he only gets to do with Aunty and F (except for riding the CRF 230…he needs F for that).

Friday evening almost immediately after they pulled in, Andrew and I went for a quad and I showed him the old Lucky Calumet mine. I really didn’t expect him to think it was very cool, it’s pretty much just a hillside with some timbers that has water flowing out of it, but he listened really intently as I described how there used to be train cars and men that would go into the tunnel and bring out rock. I showed him how the rocks around the entrance are streaked with copper green and he decided he needed to take one home with him.

Andrew at the Lucky Calumet

Saturday morning we went for a quad ride and a hike. F and I had talked about this a potential hike to take Andrew on but F was pretty convinced that it was actually kind of far for a little kid. Andrew proved him totally wrong. He was a little concerned at first about pushing his way through the brush along the way trail but he quickly got the hang of following Sprocket down the trail and scrambling around. And the exploration mine tunnel? Yeah, pretty much his favorite thing of the whole trip. (How cute is he in my Canyonlands Hat?)

The little mountain climber
The kid was beside himself happy to be able to go inside.

After our adventure we all went up to the cabin for some relaxation. Andrew relaxed in classic little boy fashion by throwing rocks off the hill for hours. Sprocket was totally willing to be his companion in this venture.

Aunt Laura, Andrew, and Sprocket at the cabin

Sunday we got up and I asked Andrew what he wanted to do. He wanted to go see more mines, clearly.  So we went to the #7 shaft and another exploration shaft.

Star #7 Shaft

He was very sad to go for a final quad ride before he left. While I was happy to have him here, I was ready to have him go.

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  1. Hey there, Northern Idaho! Hello from Southern Idaho, via Offbeat Home. 🙂 I was wondering if you have read “The Deep Dark,” which talks about the mine collapse up there back in the 70s. It’s a pretty interesting story. I want to say it was the Sunshine Mine, but I can’t remember…

    1. Yeah, I have read it. When we moved here I found it to be pretty much required reading. So many people lost a brother, uncle, friend, etc. in the Sunshine (and if not that some other mine accident) that I felt the need to be at least sort of informed about what happened. Mining is definitely a way of life around here.

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