Snow Hiking with Sprocket

Saturday, SP and I headed up to the property. Our neighbors were looking for some small downed trees for firewood and there’s plenty along the driveway left behind from logging (there is no way we’ll burn it all in the next couple of years and it looks pretty awful). After I showed them where we were thinking they should start we drove up to the cabin and went for a hike. Where did we hike? “To the snow.”

Sunset Peak from the driveway; 10/15/2011

It wasn’t a big snow, but it was just above the cabin. (After our last trip up there I wasn’t really surprised.) About a ten minute walk from the cabin I noticed this:

Snow. For real snow.

Sprocket and I just sort of walked along the old logging road without a destination or a plan. I was soaking in the rarity of hiking in a fresh light dusting of snow (compared to snowshowing or slogging through slushy wet meting spring snow).

Isn't he just handsome?
Me & SP

4 Replies to “Snow Hiking with Sprocket”

    1. Oh I’m not sure I am either. And then some came (but only up there!) and I was pretty happy. Here’s hoping we still get another pretty month of fall down in Mullan.

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