Ready for Winter

It’s cold around here. But we’re getting closer to being ready for winter.

I can't get over how cute our house is.

First reason: F is home from North Dakota!! Sprocket and I are so happy to have him home and he’s launched into the last of the fall projects. (He’s also sporting a pretty sweet beard.) He surprised me and was home when I got back from my dad’s memorial service last weekend. It was so good to see him!

Second: We bought snowmobiles! Neither of them have been used in the last couple of years but they both have really low miles so F will do tune-ups on them and we should be ready to go.

Um, where do I ride guys?

Third, it’s really just time to accept winter’s coming because we don’t have much choice. It snowed at the house (elevation 3,200′) on Monday:

Black dog models snow flurry, 10/24/11

Winter spells holidays, cozy time with a fire crackling in the woodstove, beautiful snowy days, and crockpot dinners. I’m sort of excited.

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  1. Oooooh. My favorite kind of blog… the sort where the dog is the star of the show! My Soqueta approves and sends Sprocket a rrrrrrrruffffffff from Argentina : )

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