I Just Knew…

F called me at yesterday and asked me to meet him at the cabin after work. I tried to explain that I didn’t have a real coat with me or near enough layers to be happy up there. He told me that he’d brought a coat up for me from the house.

I knew he hadn’t brought me a coat. Because I knew he’d done this:

That would be single wall pipe going directly through the roof.

How did I know this? (And I swear he didn’t tell me.) I’ve lived with Forrest for two and half years. I’m marrying him. I think I’m qualified to make that call.

AND he finished the roofing too!

It was gloriously warm! Even without insulation. Even with the pipe sticking out the hole in the roof. Even with the door opening and closing. It was wonderful. Now I’m impatiently waiting for the cathedral ceiling kit to come so we can install it permanently.

Sprocket is also a fan.

Also gratuitous pictures of the pretty:

Tamaraks (aka Western Larch) are my favorite
Moonrise over East Grouse Peak as I was locking the gate. (I wish I was a better photographer. It was SO pretty.)



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