Grocery Outlet Madness

Yesterday after work F and I headed over to Spokane to do some shopping. The basic mission was to grab as much non-perishable/deep cold resistant food as we could so we don’t have to snowmobile/hike it in this winter. (Also, if the heavy canned stuff is already there we have more room for bread, butter, and other yummies.) And we decided we should also buy some more for the house since we were there.

I am sad I didn’t have my camera in Grocery Outlet. We filled two carts. It was absolutely ridiculous. We also followed up with a Walmart run for things that weren’t a great deal at Grocery Outlet (mostly instant oatmeal).

Then we went to Petco and bought Sprocket 5 bags of food. The spoiled pup gets Purina Pro Plan and we can’t find that in the Silver Valley so we try to stock up. (He used to get even fancier grain free food…but it didn’t agree very well with his digestive tract.) The end result of this being that Sprocket is prepared for winter too.

This picture does not fully represent the amount of FOOD we hauled into the house.

P.S. SP also got a Santa hat at Petco. SO CUTE.

4 Replies to “Grocery Outlet Madness”

    1. I’m sure we’ll look at what we bought in the middle of January and think, “What on earth were we thinking?!” But the goal would be that we’ll get better at it. And then we’ll change the formula once we get a propane oven installed.

  1. well done!! grocery outlet stores scare me. Only because I feel like we do best when if we keep Pat out of a place with so many choices. I end up spending the entire time we’re there saying…I know it’s cheaper in bulk, but we don’t need it AT ALL.

    AND..I can’t wait to see the Santa hat in action!!

    1. Funny thing is that there are actually FEWER choices. It’s just that everything is “cheap” until you buy two carts full and decide that you really do need a CASE of peaches and a CASE of unknown spaghetti sauce. There was also this weird edge of hysteria that we had that night (Dollar Store laughing outbursts and silliness in the aisles of Grocery Outlet) that also added to the ridiculousness.

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