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Last winter we noticed that the National Weather Service forecasts for Mullan, were actually for an elevation of 4,648′. We actually live closer to 3,200′. Generally last winter we could expect for the temperature outside to hover just above the predicted values. Really not a big deal but in a house that also obsessively watches Snotel and all its associated products somewhat obsessively it was sort of upsetting.

Forrest contacted NWS about volunteering to host a weather station at our house. They were very happy about the idea of getting another station in the valley. Mark from the Spokane branch of NWS paid us a visit in September to look at the site and was quite pleased. There were some siting criteria compromises but nothing that would prevent the use of data from our station to improve modeling of weather in Mullan.

Today, the weather station was installed!

Weather station. (Daily rain/rain water equivalent tube, total snow ruler, and temperature sensor.)
Daily snow measurement pad (and Forrest's skull collection)

We have to report the daily maximum and minimum temperature as well as the daily precipitation totals. I’m working on automating the temperature reporting and possibly including some sort of readout on 3UpAdventures.

Temperature logger

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  1. This. is. AWESOME. I want a weather station! (Yes I’m a total data nerd) What a fantastic idea – it would never occur to me to just phone them up and ask for one!

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