F and I traveled to Reno last week for the Northwest Mining Association conference. My boss was kind enough to pay for airfare for F to tag along with me for the week (it was super helpful to have him around!). Most of the week was taken up with conference like happenings of talking about work and careers and products.

Tuesday, we had mostly to ourselves and decided to go on some adventures. (We had a rental car all to ourselves. Even though it was a Kia Rio, not a Soul, occasionally one of us would pop out with “Everyday I’m shufflin'” while driving.) First we headed to Virginia City. Virginia City was the location of the Comstock Lode, the first major silver strike in the United States. The town was founded in 1859 and peaked with a population of almost 30,000 in its 20-year heyday. I love historic towns so off we went.

It’s a tourist trap, quite frankly, with lots of shops carrying a while array of t-shirts, bumper stickers, and ugly knick-knacks. There were also several “antique stores” carrying all sorts of interesting junk (Forrest is much less into these than me so we didn’t peruse them much).

After exploring Virginia City, we headed south towards Dayton and Carson City. In Carson City, we drove by the capitol (just to say we did) and thought about getting lunch at High Sierra Brewing Co. but after the extremely lackluster beer we moved on. We stopped on our way over to Lake Tahoe to take a ramble in the woods and enjoy the sunshine.

Then we headed over to the lake for a bit before joining my boss and coworker for dinner. The rest of our trip was taken up by the convention and doing my job. Plus some awesome brew at Great Basin Brewing Co. and lunch at In-N-Out. By the time the trip was over, we were ready to hop on the plane and get back to the Sprocket-Dog.

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  1. I positively love the second to last picture. Also, does Forrest play video games? If you can get him to play Fallout 3, of Fallout New Vegas you may find him much more willing to go into antique store. You know, to find Fallout-esque items. It worked for me!

    1. Neither of us are video gamers. And he DOES occasionally indulged me in the antique store digging–but admittedly this was an “antique” store if you know what I mean. Although that might have been all the better for finding the milk glass advertising coffee cups we’re trying to collect for the cabin.

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