We headed up to the cabin Saturday morning to work on getting some insulation in the walls. Last time we were up there the stove was able to keep it warm but if the fire died (which it did once during the night) it got cold quickly. We’re having friends up for New Years and thought it would be best if we made the place as cozy as possible.

Forrest and I rode two up on his sled most of the way up (mine is down for non-crash related repairs) until Sprocket was too tired to run after it anymore. SP and I had a nice final walk up to the cabin–it was a gorgeous day and not cold at all. We’d walk and then relax (and definitely had a cuddle party or two in the snow). Once we got to the cabin, Forrest had the fire going and the chill was out of the air.

We started in on our stack of insulation and got it all in place by the end of Saturday. I wasn’t sure how the non-faced insulation would be but it was super easy to work with, I’m really glad we chose to upgrade from R-13 to R-30 for everywhere! The only place left to insulate is the roof which we’ll leave until spring.

Sprocket worked really hard...

Sunday, we started in with sheeting on the walls. Unfortunately, we didn’t haul enough of it to finish everything up before the snow fell so we focused on the main seating area and our sleeping loft. The walls that are finished look awesome, even covered in just OSB…I can’t wait until we get around to putting pine tongue and groove on them.


6 Replies to “Insulation!”

  1. AAAAAhhhhhhhh Sproket. He’s gonna be a heart breaker when he grows up! Look at that face!!!!!!!!!! And I’m jealous of all that snow. The closest to snow that I’m getting is ice cream this Christmas… which is honestly a really shitty consolation prize.

    1. As much as I hate to admit it, I think he IS grown up. My baby’s going to be two in January! (And yes. He is my baby.)

      It’s a bunch of snow but not nearly as much as we are going to get. There’s probably only 2 1/2 feet up at the cabin and by the end of last year there was at least 12… We had about 9″ on the ground at the house and that’s all melted away… 🙁

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