A Muppet Family Christmas

A Muppet Family Christmas is by far the cheesiest Christmas special I watch each year. But it is also one of my absolute favorites.


My family recorded our copy off of Nickelodeon in what must have been 1993; Muppet Wiki tells me that “Friday Night Muppets” occurred that year and I remember the intros well from our repeated viewings! The interruption of Dragnet into the storyline for about five minutes was even a bit of a tradition…

When I went away to college, Christmas time collided head on with finals but discovered that one of my dorm mates, Brendan, had A Muppet Family Christmas on VHS. Brendan become one of my best friends and we had a viewing every year as a finals study break. This study break involved checking out one of the library viewing rooms because neither of us had a VHS player.

Bert & Ernie

I contained my Christmas craziness a little bit the first Christmas Forrest and I spent together and he missed out on the Muppet goodness. In 2009, I made up for it by making him watch Muppet Family Christmas via YouTube–he loved it! Although he rides motorcycles, the real origin of Sprocket’s name came from that day; we were expectant puppy parents and it was suggested as a possible name. After another month of referring to the as-yet unborn puppy as “Sprocket” there was no going back! (Sprocket says he’s much more handsome than the Muppet version. I personally think he’s sort of Muppet-y)

Then last year, I asked a dear friend who is going to school in Scotland to obtain the UK version of the DVD and burn me a Region 1 playable copy because the US DVD version has scenes missing due to copyright issues…

If you’ve somehow missed this awesome piece of Christmas, then check it out immediately via Mental Floss!


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