Oh Christmas Tree

We finally put up our Christmas tree last Thursday!

I trimmed it up with our ornaments. Most of the tree’s trimmings were given to me throughout my childhood. When we first started dating Forrest started a lovely tradition by buying an ornament. (I still maintain that telling me about starting this tradition on Christmas morning only three months after we met was slightly crazy…if not spot on as three years and an engagement has shown.)

So this, our 2008 ornament was supposed to represent taking up snowshoeing (as it turns out that waited another couple of years):

In 2009, it was my turn and I bought a Hot Wheels fire truck to represent going through fire academy (and fighting a real fire!) together:

In 2010 clearly the big event was getting our fuzzy so we added this to the collection:

5 Replies to “Oh Christmas Tree”

  1. how cute!!! this is our first year with a tree so we have a perfect martha stewart tree with perfectly mismatchy ornaments in coordinating tones. I don’t hate it but I’m soooooooooooooo looking forward to having a random mix of ornaments that remind me of certain years and people and events. Our first non-Martha Stewarty ornament was purchased at a feria right before my bestie left and I can’t look at it without remembering how much fun we had that day. And I want all of our ornaments to be like that. But you can’t force it or you ended up with a perfectly mismatchy quaint martha stewart tree in unintentionally coordinating tones.

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