Holiday Traveling

Reports of how many people will pass through an airport on a holiday weekend never meant much to me growing up. Apparently this year 92 million Americans** will travel more than 50 miles from home for Christmas; we’re two (or three, counting Sprocket). My mom and dad settled within a fifteen minute drive of the houses they grew up in (about five to six miles). Their siblings all stayed within 50 miles of the familial epicenters.

Christmas With the Kranks

I went away to college back east but the picture still didn’t fit. Instead of harried families traipsing across the country to come home, I was a college student on break between semesters. It was, yes, coming home for Christmas, but mostly just recuperating before the next round started in January. Although, maybe for my mom it was more like Blair in Christmas With the Kranks coming home…

This year though, we fit the archetype like never before (although last Thanksgiving icy drive might come close). We’re loading up our car full of gifts and head over not one, but two mountain passes. (Each a whopping 3200′ or so, but passes nevertheless). We’ll put on our coats and settle in for the ride. We’ll show up at my mom’s later this evening and chat for awhile before crawling in bed with the pup curled up on the dirty clothes that smell like just like home to him..
Oh I hope this isn't us tonight...

**According to AAA.

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