Team 3Up is settling back into real life. I have to go to work tomorrow after a lovely break.

Friday we took Sprocket down to Point Defiance to swim at Owens Beach. He was a happy dog! Then we poked around downtown Tacoma and had a yummy lunch at Puget Sound Pizza.

Owen’s Beach

We spent Christmas Eve at my grandparents in traditional fashion: games, oysters (elbows flew over them as they were ready), Santa Claus, and performances (clearly Sprocket was the star of ours).

F’s 4’x6′ map collage

Christmas morning we opened presents with my mom. F and I both brought each other “in place of” gifts. He got a picture of his giant map collage centered on the cabin and I got a handmade “Kindle” (along with the promise to pick out whichever one I wanted). We celebrated later in the day with my dad’s extended family at my Uncle Morgan & Aunt Denise’s house. It was fun, comfortable, and relaxing.

My “Kindle”

Early on Monday morning (but not as early as we’d planned Forrest let me sleep in because I was up most of the night with a stomach ache) we headed down to Oregon to visit with F’s family and friends. Our friends Tom & Kaye hosted us for a big Christmas dinner. Thomas & Tasha joined us as did Ezra, Blaze & Kelsey, and Skye & Ashley. We exchanged presents but mostly it was a lot of fun for Forrest and I to see everyone.

Tuesday, we had breakfast at F’s grandma’s house along with Blaze and his aunt and uncle. That night, we went out for dinner with Thomas & Tasha (Indian food!) and got things ready to head to Idaho. We’d left Sprocket to hang out with his doggy mommy and sister…he apparently doesn’t like to play that rough because he hid behind my legs from the time I walked in the door until it was bedtime.

We got a later start than we would have wanted on Wednesday but were headed through Portland by about 10am.

To Be Continued.

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    1. I’ll write a post on making Forrest’s gift. …maybe that means I have to go get the glass for it tomorrow after work…

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