RIP Little Red Jeep

After the Christmas in Oregon was over it was time for Team 3Up to lead a caravan of fun back to Idaho. Unfortunately, loaded down with a regular refigerator, an RV refrigerator and freezer (for the cabin), a freezer, and a trailer axle the little red Jeep just wasn’t up for it. Right in Portland (THANK GOD) the clacking started and steam started coming out the exhaust. We got off at the next exit and had to declare my car dead. On our way to Idaho. With a ton of shit. And six friends expecting to stay at our house that night and go to the cabin tomorrow.

So. We started shopping. But that’s a story for tomorrow. For now a requiem for the little red Cherokee that could:

I found a 5 speed Cherokee about four hours away (fortunately where my parents live). We promptly load up six-week old Sprocket and head north.

Tacoma: Jeep purchase day (February 2010)

Forrest gets a big idea: a ’round the country tour in our 24MPG “motorhome.”

Moab, Utah (April 17, 2010)
Pecos River, Texas (April 19, 2010)
Louisiana Coast (April 21, 2010)
New Orleans, LA (April 24, 2010)
Everglades NP (April 30, 2010)
Blue Ridge Parkway (May 2010)
Delaware Water Gap, PA (May 2010)

And then the Jeep spent a summer exploring the Montana Rockies before I used it to move all of our stuff to Idaho (regretfully there is not a picture of it loaded down with the little red Harbor Freight trailer also very full behind it).

Random road, MT (August 2010)
Glacier NP (September 2010)

And then, it went wheeling in Moab:

Elephant Hill Trail, Canyonlands NP (March 2011)
Elephant Hill Trail, Canyonlands NP (March 2011)

For Memorial Day weekend we joined our friends on a drive over to their cabin in the Clearwater. We were the odd ones in the bunch but did okay; especially when you consider there was still 10′ of snow at the top. 🙂

Big jeeps, little jeep (Memorial Day 2011)

An awesome weekend roadtrip through Eastern Oregon:

The Jeep even took us to Yellowstone this fall for what turned out to be our last nights of stealth camping.

Two years and about 45,600 miles later it’s time to say goodbye.

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  1. I tend to anthropomorphize things (especially cars), but even I was surprised to find myself welling up slightly towards the end of this post. At least you can say it had a good life, huh?

    1. I know! I loved that little Jeep. (Thus this ridiculous post.) Forrest was on his way to Spokane this morning to buy another red 5-speed Cherokee this morning. What can I say? We like ’em.

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