New Years in Idaho

We managed to purchase this lovely truck and towed the Jeep and all of our stuff (thanks Ezra!) back to Idaho. Our arrival time was closer to 2AM than our planned 4PM, but we made it.

Our sweet rescue vehicle

We postponed our departure for the cabin from Thursday to Friday hoping for colder temperatures, more snow, and some sleep. We got everything unpacked and situated. Friday morning, things didn’t look a whole lot better but we decided to go for it anyway.

My sled is down for repairs so we only had F’s sled at our disposal. We hooked the sled trailer up to the green truck. Things didn’t start out well when F tried to park the truck along side the road and got stuck. Blaze, Ezra, and I planned on snowshoeing from the gate. In the end, I walked from the Substation and Blaze, Ezra, and Kelsey walked from the gate.

The snowmobile didn’t really like pulling the giant load of stuff we loaded in the axillary tow sled and Forrest got stuck a few times; mostly due to downed trees. We finally arrived at the cabin and got settled in just before it got dark. I made chili for dinner and we played Things and True Colors.

Kelsey & Blaze

Saturday, we attempted some New Years Eve sledding. And basically we were too lazy to haul the sled back up any hill that was steep enough to sled down… so we went back inside and had dinner. I consumed most of Colossus and relaxed with copious tea and hot chocolate. We were a rousing group trying to stay up until midnight. F started, by accident, a Battleship tournament—I designed a double elimination bracket and then proceeded to win. We realized we probably weren’t going to make it to midnight when F and Blaze were asleep in their chairs at 9:15. We considered trying for Mountain Time New Years considering that we could practically see Montana. We headed for bed at 10:30. New Years fail.

The crew getting ready to home

Sunday morning, after some breakfast and hot chocolate we headed down the hill. Most of what we took up the hill was to leave at the cabin so we only had our guest’s bedding in the sled. F & Ezra rode the sled down while Blaze, Kelsey, and I snowshoed (Blaze also made use of a sled…somewhat recklessly) back to the car with Sprocket. I decided to take them the cross country route since we’d already walked the road. It was a gorgeous day and we (mostly) had a blast. We need a little more snow to make it fun to head off through the trees but it was nice anyway.

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