We’re going to be EMTs!

Life got a little more busy for Team 3Up last Wednesday—Forrest and I started an EMT course over in Coeur D’Alene! Now we get to do the 130 mile round-trip three days a week…yay?

Back when we were living in Oregon and volunteering with the fire department I avoided showing up to medical calls (an unfortunate situation because medical calls made up the large majority of all calls to the department). Eventually, I ended up on a call for a potential stroke. We’d had a short training on filling out patient care reports and I found myself in that role. There I was writing down medications, incident history, and vital signs freeing up our EMTs to assist the patient.

At home that night Forrest told me he was proud of me (he’d been on the call as well). I’d been mulling over the experience in my mind. I’d liked it. I wanted to be more helpful. I wanted to know more. Unfortunately, the department’s requirement for taking the EMT course was committing to a year with the department after getting your certification and I was not going to be able to do that.

Fast forward to Mullan. We have what is believed to be the last free ambulance service in Idaho. But, in the same problem that plagues a lot of small towns, we don’t have very many EMTs (I believe the current count is four). This means that it can take a while to track down a Mullan EMT or, worse, realize that one isn’t going to be able to make it and have to call for Kellogg Ambulance Service. Fortunately, the department was able to obtain funding to send Forrest and I to get our certifications.

It’s spelling a bit of craziness for us but we’re both really excited to be learning new things and preparing to help the community in a new way.

So forgive me a bit if my posting is a little haphazard for a bit. I don’t have tons of non-work time to keep you posted on!

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  1. So exciting! I loved being an EMT. Doing it in a small town has it’s own special kinds of challenges but it’s so rewarding. Congratulations!

    1. Yeah…we’ve been riding along with the department on medical calls for over six months so we have an idea of what we’re getting into around here…

      I’m excited though. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.

  2. Hey! That’s awesome that you’re becoming EMTs. I remember when I worked down in Garden Valley that there was an apparent lack of EMS providers all over the state. Obviously I’m not there now but it’s still rural where I am and we struggle with enough personnel here too. So from one who has been in EMS for 16 years to one is joining the game, welcome to the team!

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