7 Replies to “Cabin Snowshoe: February 4, 2012”

  1. Okay, wait. Wait just a second. That’s a spider? Just, like, hanging out in the snow? I may be a dumb coastal Californian, but I’ve lived in snowy areas before, and I’ve never seen a live insect maxin’ and relaxin’ on some ice crystals. Is that… normal?

    1. It isn’t exactly NORMAL but it isn’t unheard of. I think the sunshine might have confused him. (Can you imagine the spider brain? “WTF? The signals, they said it was safe to come out!”)

      When we start a fire the the cabin sometimes a random fly will come to life too…in January. Wierd.

    2. I was super excited though…it takes a spider or something to make a picture of hoar frost special/have context. 🙂 (My neighbor might have thought I was crazy laying belly down in the snow snapping pictures of a spider.)

  2. Hang on, I just googled “snow spider” and apparently it’s a THING. They are just spiders who live in the snow. I am learning all kinds of things today. Starting with not googling “snow spider” again because people have spider blogs where have all kinds of up-close pictures of them, and then you get to see comments like, “My, that’s a handsome spider! I’m really captivated.” And when you have read a comment like that, you can never unread it. So. See? Learning!

  3. Holy gorgeousness!
    That spider picture is amazing. And that’s coming from a person who usually shrieks at pictures of spiders. That one doesn’t look creepy though – just dancing on the snow crystals.

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