Bodegas Zugober Belezos Joven Rioja

In January I ordered a case of wine from our local wine and beer store for the wedding. (Local is all relative here…they’re about 70 miles away, but still.) In order to get the best price on the case, I signed up for their wine of the month club. I figured I buy at least a bottle of wine a month anyway, so I might as well put the purchase to good use.

My February selection from the Enoteca wine club was a Rioja (95% Tempranillo, 5% Viura). The wine was well, yummy. It had great mouth feel and was really drinkable. I’d spent a long time thinking I didn’t like tempranillos or tempranillo heavy wines but as it turns out I dislike Western Oregon tempranillos. I tried a few in the Walla Walla area last fall and they were quite good and this cemented the grape’s redemption for me.

I’m really excited about the wine club because when I buy red wine I tend to reach almost exclusively for pinot noir. I grew to really like it when I was in grad school in the Willamette Valley but sometimes I need to branch out. European varieties and styles tend to be intimidating because I don’t know enough about them to just pick one off the shelf.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep my membership in the wine club beyond the minimum period (I totally used it for the discount on wedding wine) but for now I’m really enjoying trying something new.

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  1. wow, the wine store is 70 miles away?? yikes! I don’t think I’d last in your town.
    I’m so jealous that you got to live in the Willamette! We always go wine tasting when we’re there visiting Andrew’s parents. Have you found any reasonably priced Willamette pinot noirs that you can get outside of Oregon? It seems like all the ones I can find here are super pricey and not even a very good selection.
    And, yay for wine clubs!

    1. There’s a little wine cellar trying to get going in Wallace (about 5 miles away). I try to support them whenever I can but they’re a bit on the pricy side and their selection is so-so. Idaho’s also totally great about wine in grocery stores if you’re not too picky.

      As far as Oregon wines I can find around here, Enotca (the wine store 70 miles away) has a bunch. The smaller one actually has a lot of Oregon wines. Nothing too stellar though…

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